Asset Tracking
Accurate tracking and detailed reporting of your assets
As companies grow the number of company assets tends to grow with them. The creation of multiple offices, increases in staff and more business all lead to the internal issue of having to look after the ever-increasing number of assets. Asset Tracking gives you a simple and cost effective way to quickly identify, locate and audit your company assets from laptops to automobiles to furniture and anything inbetween.

ESP’s Asset Tracking services are ideal for companies with multiple offices and a large amount of assets that require comprehensive tracking and management. Our fully scalable solution enables thorough inventory with multiple fields including; barcode ID, location, department, purchasing, maintenance, warranty, lease, deprecation and any other customisable field you wish to create. Alongside this, we have powerful reporting to provide you with detailed updates and analysis of your assets, be there 500 or 50,000.


  • Adhere to audit requirements

  • Create one central asset repository

  • Comply with government regulations

  • Monitor warranty and lease expiration

  • Provide a history of asset use

  • Improve depreciation reporting

  • Maintain insurance records