Hosted Services
Delivering services as a consumption model
Hosted services are outsourced information technology systems and applications – delivered as simply as “turning on a tap”.

This approach enables our customers to consolidate and outsource much, if not all, of their IT needs for a predictable recurring fee; i.e. on a subscription basis. At a lower price than their traditional method of IT service-delivery, with greater levels of uptime and recoverability.

By providing a combination of IT functions such as infrastructure, applications, security, monitoring, storage, and telephony/messaging, all delivered “as a service” - over the Internet or private high-speed, and secure, connectivity.

ESP typically provides and oversees the infrastructure, software and administrative tasks and delivers, remotely, “the system” to our customers. This is normally as a virtual environment – further reducing your costs, and improving flexibility and uptime/recovery-levels.

However, we can also simply “move” your existing physical or Virtual infrastructure to our secure datacenter and re-provision and manage service-delivery as a SLA-driven “consumption model”.

ESP fully understand that maintaining the availability of service is vital to all of our customers in an “always on” business world. Hence, esp utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring systems to prevent service disruption, ensuring business continuity is maintained.

Utilising our team of dedicated, cross-skilled, engineers who work directly with our customers to meet their business needs, whatever they may - whilst ensuring that availability is maintained, and that our hosting platforms remain fully responsive to any changes in business requirements.