Managed Workforce
Supplying exceptional managed workforce consultants
A managed workforce can provide a high degree of staff expertise and flexibility.

ESP successfully manages a contingent workforce suiting ever changing regulated industries, market shifts and business transformations which can be time-intensive and costly; whether you're managing it yourself or through a network of suppliers.

ESP works with our clients by a shared vision of business continuity, stability, quality and cost management. We then blend process and methodology with industry best practices, experience and expertise to maximise human capital. ESP offers our flexible portfolio in over 130 countries, enabling us to provide many solutions suiting our clients’ needs on a global scale.

ESP Managed Workforce can maximise and coordinate the efforts of all your contingent workforce suppliers, we can complement them to provide you with a one stop shop managed workforce supplier. We tailor our Service Level Agreements and pay rates at day one of the client partnership enabling us to improve business processes and measurement, budget planning for future projects and guarantee the workforce for the duration of the project.