esp Departure Control
System (eDCS)
Check-in, Gate Boarding and Flight Management - simplified
eDCS extends a cost effective solution for providing advanced check-in, gate and flight management functions. Built from the ground up with the key goal of being easy to use, eDCS provides a simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface allowing for the fast processing of passengers.

eDCS is ideal for low cost carriers, private terminal and charter airlines alike.

Check-in - eDCS provides a simple process to identify and check-in passengers for a flight. Passengers can be identified quickly by a simple passport swipe to start the check-in process, triggering a simple check-in dialogue to handle baggage and seating requirements.

Gate Boarding - eDCS contains a powerful boarding mode to reconcile each passenger as they board. Boarding can be performed using barcode scanner, gate reader, mobile device or via the application.

Flight Management – Providing comprehensive flight management tools to manage the operation. Flights can be easily added through automatic or manual import (CSV or PNL), or by a simple user entry form. Simple NO REC flights can be created where no advance passenger information is available.
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Key Features:
  • Standalone or hosted options

  • Produces IATA compliant travel documents (BCBP)

  • Proven with multiple vendor Barcode Scanners, Gate Readers or Automatic Barriers

  • Powerful reporting options
  • Low cost and effective solution

  • Easy to use via the Graphical User Interface

  • Compliant to industry standards