Managed Services
Professional services with global reach
Traditional support contracts are based purely on the concept of 'if it breaks, we'll fix it'. Typically these have very specific service levels and dictate what equipment is covered and response times to any service calls placed.

Commonly, with such contracts situations arise where calls out of the scope of the agreement are placed, hence ESP developed our Customer Care concept.

With ESP acting as your IT department, you remove reliance upon internal expertise, benefit from our experience and reduce your support costs to a fraction of those demanded by dedicated IT personnel. By eliminating 'that's not our problem' scenarios hidden costs are avoided and IT budgets adhered to.

Knowledge of call handling, fault patterns, regional challenges, equipment issues and other experience gained are easily be ported to new businesses.

ESP offers the following services with no hidden extras and predictable costs:
  • Fixed-response equipment maintenance
  • Remote server management and fault diagnosis
  • Preventative scheduled maintenance (i.e. system cleaning,
    application updates and OS patching)
  • Asset management to control and reduce costs
  • Off-site Backup and DR
  • Asset disposal & data destruction to WEEE standards
  • Cover for staffing-level fluctuations (including security cleared personnel)
The result of our experience, reputation, coverage and capabilities are beyond a simple understanding of service delivery, but a thorough and detailed understanding of how our customers want services delivered.