Recycle / Re-Use / EOL
Options for your end-of-life equipment
Security, compliancy and cost all play major factors in the decision of what route to take when looking at end-of-life IT equipment. Whilst many see old hardware as obsolete, there are several options to consider to ensure that you do not breach compliancy regulatory or security issues and to ensure that you are not losing out on potential profit.

Options available cover;

Not all hardware is truly end-of-life and as such can undergo refurbishment/upgrade to lease it new life or to provide a new role for your environment and mitigating new hardware procurement. This is also a great way of reducing new hardware costs.

WEEE Disposal
Compliancy is an important factor when disposing of your IT equipment. ESP can fulfil all areas of disposal, on any scale and adhering to all compliancy rules and regulations.

Asset Remarketing
Hardware that is no longer required can be remarketed and sold on. Whilst this is a great option, the logistics and management of the process, especially on a large scale, can be overwhelming and take up valuable internal resource.

For many companies, disposing of hardware raises enormous security risk. Ensuring that your data, even end-of-life, is secure, is of vital importance and needs to be processed properly and securely.