Infrastructure Services
Delivering full lifecycle infrastructure solutions
With the onset of big data, mobility, cloud and restricted budgets, requirements of IT are changing. Meeting these challenges requires innovative ways to answer business needs, providing greater flexibility, faster technology innovation & adoption - ultimately improving your business’ commercial value.

Hence, businesses are moving towards a ‘Services delivery model’ and therefore deploying IT infrastructure differently. The key paradigm is that your business requirement defines the service; not the infrastructure itself.

Infrastructure platform, protection & performance level desired must govern what is delivered, the SLA, and the commercials – typically reducing your costs by up to 23% in service delivery model. Especially where you are looking to move from CAPEX to OPEX commercials’ and their attractive tax implications.

This approach also emphasises standardisation, re-usability and tested & proved configurations, whilst provides transparent and predictable costs to your business.

ESP’s overall mindset is to facilitate “maximisation”, innovation and future business planning - whilst reducing your expenditures.