Configuration & HDI Services
Save time and resources on new product configuration
Also known as HDI (Hangering, Delivery & Installation) the ESP Configuration center adds value to our customers in new product supply and fulfilment by offering a range of services including;

  • DOA testing
  • Assett tagging
  • Build and i mage loading
  • Customisation
  • Image management

These services are available when commissioning laptops, desktops, servers, retail, EPOS, kiosks and other peripherals and are delivered to defined service level agreements.

During the ESP configuration services we can undertake;

  • Disk drive formatting to agreed standard or specification
  • Load operating systems
  • Hardware option installations such as hard drives, tape drives or memory
  • Application packaging and installation for groups, departments, sites or user specific use case scenarios
  • Virus checking
  • Diagnostic and optimisation services
  • Asset tracking
  • Re-box and shipping services
  • Un-boxing and placing workstations on desks
  • Full installation service anywhere in the world

The ESP Configuration center can suit any organisation and can deliver savings of up to 50% on costs of configuration through in house teams considering the time it takes to procure, configure and deploy new equipment. The center has a dedicated server rack and integrated structured cabling to enable a complete replica of the install environment whether it be trading desks, EPOS, banking systems, check-in desks etc.