International Field Services
Global on-site support wherever you are, worldwide
Despite the world becoming a smaller place through technology, the need for physical resources cannot be replaced.

Although countless companies provide remote-support services, ESPs unique offering is having the ability to deliver exceptional support at a local-level.

Whenever you talk to ESP you
are “Talking-Local”

ESP delivers world-class service by understanding the cultural and regional differences faced by our customers; such as, time-zones, currency, and industry & Governmental compliance.

ESP presents a consistent face to our customers, a uniform level of service and blended global pricing - commercials are flexible and offered on an annual, multi-year or, pay-as-you-go basis.

Service delivery with business

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are based upon business requirements aligned to the local-level. ESP understands if services, such as Break-Fix, need to be down to as low as a 4-hour “call-to-fix” in the actual time zone of the problem itself and with our on-site engineers these response times can be as low as 30 minutes.

Typically, ESP identifies and enables resolution of faults, often even before our customers are aware of a problem.

SUPPORT SERVICES Pro-active Physical & Remote monitoring
  • On-site response – Call-to-fix down to 4-hours
         - Break-fix
         - Smart-hand’s
         - Desk-side support

  • Installations, moves, adds & changes (IMACs)

  • Consultancy & Transition services

  • Security Cleared engineers

  • Logistics (including asset & security tagging)

  • Decommissioning
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