esp Weight & Balance
Cost-effective and accurate aircraft Weight & Balance solution

esp Weight & Balance has been designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial passenger flights in providing a cost-effective, flexible, accurate and optimised Weight & Balance solution that is easy to use. It supports bulk loading for narrow bodieed aircraft aswell as containerised loading for wide bodied aircraft.

esp Weight & Balance allows input of all important components, such as passenger numbers, fuel amount, baggage and additional deadload to provide you with the ability to opimise your load and fuel consumption. All of this is enabled with real-time monitoring and DCS integration.

From replacing manual systems to maximising loads, esp Weight & Balance provides a full and accurate solution to fit your requirements.

T: 0118 916 9300
Key Features:
  • Undertakes all required Weight & Balance calculations including trim calculations to optimise fuel efficiency

  • Mobile system for use on tablets and smart phones

  • Integrates with DCS systems

  • Real-time monitoring allows for increased accuracy

  • All components can be entered, including: baggage, passengers, fuel and additional deadload
  • Save time and eliminate potential errors caused with manual alternative

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Simple GUI makes training and operation easy