The brand for our “as a Service” offerings
With Businesses and hence IT departments looking to “do more with less”, ESP appreciates the need to deliver an affordable IT "as a service” model for our customers.

Transforming traditional IT service delivery to a consumption model allows you to pay for what you use on a subscription basis – either monthly or annually.

Although the IT market is flooded with Cloud terminology, this can mean many things, we also know that one size does not necessarily fit all. Hence ESP offers various solutions to meet your individual business needs.

ESP can provide

  • Physically hosted servers within our secure DataCenters - with data-storage as appropriate/required
  • Physically hosted servers, with a virtualisation layer - providing you a “DataCenter in a box”
  • Cloud based Services
  • Backup as a Service – hosted at our DataCenter
  • DR as a Service – again, hosted at our DataCenter

In addition, we can combine services as and where appropriate to maximise your service efficiencies – for the best possible price.

Features & Benefits:

  • Less reliance on physical infrastructure – Rackspace, Power, Cooling, physical-security etc
  • Carbon-emissions are reduced – Saving money and providing compliance
  • Staff can avoid IT service-delivery “fire-fighting” - concentrating on moving the business forward
  • Your business has greater levels of efficiency and flexibility – improving your “time to market” and hence turnover
  • Industry, Insurance and Government-compliance levels can be met in a simpler, less-costly manner
  • Increased employee mobility
  • SLA's are business and not technology driven and are more readily achievable in an “as a Service” model
  • A single point of support for simplicity and rapid resolution
  • Improved and more secure data and service recovery for your business

ESP offers a range of consultancy services to enable rapid, safe and successful hosted services adoption;

Assessment & strategy services

ESP offers strategy and advisory services for you to adopt and use cloud to meet or exceed your business goals. Our discovery & planning services are designed to help extract value from your cloud investment.

Transformation enablement services

As you struggle to understand a complex IT landscape and the increased pressure to improve your IT infrastructure and applications. ESP is your trusted advisor, understanding the business potential of “the cloud” and helping your modernisation efforts with cost-control & SLAs at the forefront of considerations.

Management & optimisation services

Our services and solutions help you gain control, reduce complexity and demonstrate savings through simple cost-monitoring and service reporting.