Ensuring your data, and your livelihood, is protected
Traditional, backup solutions require physical media to be swapped and moved offsite. Over time media degrades and must be replaced. It is costly to manage, and typically slow and unreliable – particularly for critical data-restorations.

With our hosted backup solution there’s no physical media and your data is replicated offsite automatically, continually, and securely.

esp Backup ensures that our customers get their protected data back on time, every time through local backup to an esp appliance and through additional remote replication. esp Backup stores your data in a high-performance repository, performing encryption and global data deduplication. Our solution continually checks and updates your backups ensuring they are correct and ready when you need them.

ESP typically provides a backup appliance residing at the source site. Through Continuous Data Protection (CDP), data is directed to our own high-bandwidth, and secure, Datacenter.

For very large environments esp creates a local sync between backup devices (Source and Target) and then physically move the target appliance to our Datacenter; after which only changes and updates are synchronised – this is especially useful if you have limited or slow external bandwidth.

The esp Backup & Restore service includes Data (for example, Exchange emails/mailboxes), Files and Bare-metal state. Secure your virtual servers too, across key hypervisors including; VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer.

T: 0118 916 9300
E: sales@esp.co.uk
Key Features:
  • Eliminate backup windows - fast backup, replication & recovery

  • Near-instant recovery – unlike tape and more manual processes

  • Global data-deduplication – “single-instance” storage eliminates replicated data by up to 80%.

  • Improve data-security – through SSL for data “in flight” and encrypted back-ups

  • Scalable architecture - protect large amounts of data into the Exabyte range

  • Protect – both Windows and LINUX environments
  • A cost effective backup solution

  • Reliable and secure through constant & automated checks

  • Restorations down to the data, file and “bare-metal”: to dissimilar hardware or, location – in seconds or minutes NOT Hours or Days …

  • Customisable SLAs to meet your exact RPO / RTO and data retention policies