How long can your business function without critical services?
If the answer is “not long” then a geographically-dispersed DR Service is a must - without a reliable contingency plan your business is susceptible to outages when disaster inevitably occurs.

Historically, DR solutions required ownership of multiple datacenters, many staff and plentiful IT equipment: and possibly spends of up to 50% of the entire IT budget in order to guarantee a secure & available infrastructure.

Using our Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) and managed hosting solutions, our customers cost effectively extend their infrastructure to one, or more, of esp’s secure and resilient data centers.

ESP provide flexible recovery options so you can retrieve your services quickly; whether residing on physical or virtual servers, or in the cloud.

For example, pre-deployed “hot-standby” VMs are continuously updated in “lock-step” with your source business environment – for rapidly recoverable services.

We can also host and deliver remote user-desktop/apps remotely via our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI); thus providing a complete, and geographical-dispersed, end-to-end DR solution for your business.

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Key Features:
  • Near-instant service recovery - unlike highly manual servce-failover processes

  • Ability to protect and recover anywhere - physical, virtual or hosted/cloud & VDI

  • Global data-deduplication - eliminate "stale" data; by up to 80%. Especially useful for protecting virtual machines and VDI environments

  • Improved data-security - through SSL for data "in-flight" and encrypted data at the Target DR site: typically an esp secure site and/or in "the Cloud"
  • A cost effective and reliable DR solution – for both Windows and LINUX infrastructures

  • Perform on-going & automated DR checks – without having to manually fail-over the business = greater uptime and reduced resources

  • Restore services to dissimilar physical or virtual machines, in remote locations, if required

  • Customisable SLAs to meet your exact DR needs – including industry or, Government and insurance compliance